Frequently Asked Questions

Where is it?

The building is located at 4691 Dundalk Ave S Port Alberni

Provides easy access to Highway 4 and various nature trails through crown land.

How Much Will Rent Be?

Rent for each unit will be $2,100 per month not including utilities. Each unit will have their own independent meter to record their utility usage & accordingly billed.

What Does the Rental Cost Cover?
What Does Rent Include?

Unlike other commercial property rentals, there will be no additional “triple-net” costs added to the monthly rent.

“Triple-Net” refers to charges for property taxes, maintenance fees and insurance. We will be absorbing those fees to provide a stable rent expense for our tenants. As local business owners ourselves, we understand the value of predictable expenses.

How Long of a Lease Period?

We hope to sign an agreement for at least 3 years of tenancy.

How Big Are the Units?

The minimum size of unit is approximately 1,000 square feet. The building is a clear span steel building which we have divided into multiple units. This means that any dividing walls are optional; if you would like a bigger space, we won’t install a wall in the middle of it.

The ceilings are 16-22 feet high. This allows for a mezzanine—second level—that can double your square footage with no extra cost to your rent.

Rental Space Port Alberni Industrial Block Park

What Does “Build-To-Suit” Mean?

Plans submitted during this stage of building will save money in comparison to plans submitted after building completion.

Example: Would like the bathroom located somewhere else:

Plans submitted after building completion:
Concrete slab needs to be cut open and plumbing moved. Then concrete slab needs to be repaired.

Plans submitted during building:
Plumbing can be installed in requested placement without additional labour, demolition, or repair.

When Will the Building Be Ready?

According to the current construction schedule, the building should be ready SUMMER 2024.

We keep communication lines open and update regularly about progress. Sign up for our NEWSLETTER for up-to-date announcements and follow us on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.

How Do I Reserve a Unit?

We ask for a deposit of $1,500 per unit to reserve it for you. This payment is non-refundable, and goes towards your initial lease payment when the time comes.

Get in touch with us to set up an appointment for us to complete this step. The sooner you put down a deposit, the better chance you have of getting a space and get to pick which particular space you’d like.